How Hard Could it Be?

This week hasn’t lived up to the goal quite as much as I hoped, and it occurs to me that this blog may end up being as much about failure as about success. After all, eschewing easy means embracing hard, and hard things are… well, they’re hard. I can’t expect to skip blithely off down a challenging path and never have a misstep.

Which I’m realizing may be the biggest challenge of the whole thing. I’ve been writing a lot – in the space of a few days I’ve completed one entry and started two others – and I ought to be thrilled. Instead, I’ve scrapped them all because they didn’t live up to my comfort level and suddenly I’m getting very self-conscious about everything. “Transparency” is a wonderful and exciting and sexy catchphrase… and then you realize how awkward it is to live in a glass house. Perfectionist? Who, me?

Which is to say, it may be time to remind myself that, even if your goal is perfection, you don’t have to be perfect on the way there. By definition, you won’t be. And as long as you’re moving forward, there’s nothing negative about that.


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