The Perfect Problem

There is not a day in the week I’m not exhausted. Of course, a very few moments of self-pity are enough to remind me to question the assumption behind it: do I really think that isn’t a common, perhaps nearly universal complaint?

– Do I really think that traditional and especially subsistence farmers (most of the world for most of history) aren’t constantly worn down?
– Do I really think salaried employees who don’t leave on the dot of 5 come home bounding with energy?
– Do I really think that single parents, or parents working multiple jobs to support their family, or even married, stable, middle-class parents don’t have more demands on them from more directions than I can even bear to think about?

Unfortunately, this method of gaining perspective only makes me feel worse: thinking about others’ suffering doesn’t change mine, but now I also feel bad for being such a baby about it, plus I feel frustrated by a world system that does so little good for anyone.

So my first question is this: does that kind of comparison make you feel better, and if so, what is the mental process you go through to get that result?

My second question is this: do you have any advice on how not to be a baby about your own difficulties? I know the obvious solution is just to put your head down and push on, and there are definitely times to do that, but it doesn’t seem like a good way to live over the long term. The question is really: what do you do, and how do you not get discouraged, when you lift your head and see the full bleak reality – and don’t see a way to change it?

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Problem

  1. Good question. It does help me, usually, to think about the problems of others when I'm feeling sorry for myself; but in the example you mention, i.e., that almost everyone is overburdened, I can see how it could add to the feeling of frustration. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to help others, especially when viewed as a worldwide problem, except to hope and pray for better world conditions.For the most part, we have little opportunity to change things beyond our own personal decisions. I remember a wise man saying that we need to simplify our lives. Easier said than done, admittedly, but the other option is to keep doing what we're doing and hope for different results. I suppose most of us will be challenged throughout our lives (with the different situations life throws at us) learning how best to simplify things so life becomes manageable.

  2. It's not that we don't get discouraged, but the we don't let discouragement get the best of us. Nothing in this life remains static. It either grows and overcomes or it recedes and eventually waste away.Change usually comes when we make the change we hope for a goal, and prepare ourselves as we patiently wait to receive the from the source of every good and perfect gift the desires of your heart. Keep in mind that our reality changes as our mind adjust to our circumstances. Things in this life are seldom as seem at the monent. View my poem on my profile page. Hopefully it will encourage you to go forward. …tgb

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