When Life is Perfect

A few months ago I got myself so excited imagining the day when I would have my own marketing consulting business that I literally couldn’t go to sleep that night. I could see my office – flooded with sunlight and, as I was imagining a start-up, located in my beautiful (imaginary) apartment. I could imagine the conversations I would have with potential clients – warm, persuasive, competent. I came up with several creative ways of promoting the business.

A few days later I realized I hadn’t imagined anything that required that perfect setting. I could start doing all of those things immediately, if I wanted to. I didn’t want to.

The point is, so often we imagine what we will do at some point in the future when life is perfect. And that point keeps moving further and further off. Really, we should bring those dreams into the present: “Can I start on it now? Why not? What could I do so that I could start at a specific stated time? Or if there isn’t anything holding me back… why don’t I just do it?” Often we find that either we don’t want that imagined future, or we don’t want it enough.

But sometimes, even when you’ve called your own bluff, you still dream that someday something will change, and all of a sudden you will have and be everything you need to pursue the dream…

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